Bestrong Large 100
Bestrong Large 100
Bestrong Large 100
Bestrong Large 100

Bestrong Large 100

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The BeStrong LARGE 100 fitness park is the smallest of the Large series, but even as such, it is still suitable for up to 44 people exercising in the park simultaneously. Due to its size it has a wide range of equipment, which guarantees to work all muscle groups thoroughly.

The exercises can be diversified with the use of a variety of equipment, like TRX, kettlebells or medicine balls.

For increased safety, this BeStrong fitness park is installed with rubber brick flooring.

Capacity: up to 44 people can exercise simultaneously.


  •  Combined pull-up bar
  • Push-up element
  •  Back and ab trainer
  • Straight pull-up bar
  • Multifunctional pull-up tool
  • Stair climber
  • Low pull-up bar
  • Double multifunctional trainer
  • Three-element parallel bars
  • Horizontal wave
  • Narrow pull-up bar
  • Low pull-up and dip bar

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